Finally, the newest OPM-Jazz On Line Radio... JazzWave Radio
03/07/2023 20:35 in News

Introducing the ultimate radio station JazzWave Radio."The New wave of Music " capturing the vibrant essence of the Philippines with a delightful blend of Filipino pop hits, nostalgic old-school retro music, and the freshest new hits worldwide. Tune in for a unique experience as we feature engaging interviews with beloved local personalities, providing insights into the heart of the community. As a bonus, enjoy syndicated programs from across the globe, ensuring a global touch and bringing the world to your ears. Don't miss out on our exciting advertising slots, providing businesses with the perfect platform to promote and reach their target audience. Ride the wave and listen to your favorite Pinoy beats, Smooth Jazz and interesting shows on JazzWave Radio.Check out on our social media Facebook and instagram or visit our website at